Bartek Izdebski’s ”Jaffa Cakes” in Competition of the 16th Film and Art Festival Two Riversides

Diploma film by Bartek Izdebski ”Jaffa Cakes” has been selected to the international short film competition of the forthcoming 16th edition of the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz (Poland). There will be 20 international productions of various genres, i.e. fictions, documentary, experimental and animations, presented in the competition.

”Jaffa Cakes” is a short fiction film, focusing on few last moments spent together by three childhood friends, just before embarking on a long-time journey.  Remembrances of a fairy-like, idyllic past mingle with expectations and dreams of a new, different world out there – what will prevail?

The Two Riverside Festival’s presentation will be the film’s official premiere.


More information on the festival:

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