Marta visits her sister after a long absence. During her welcome party she has to face her new life.
2013 | 12. Pomeranian Film Workshops | 9'


Natalia is 20 years old. She practices fencing. Right before going to an important training camp she accidentally gets to know the truth about her mother and her trainer. She also meets a boy…
2012 | | 11. Pomeranian Film Workshops | |

A Visit

Marta and her boyfriend are getting prepared to their dream travel to Nepal. Yet, one day before their departure they have to face the visit of some unexpected guests. Their visit will lead to a confrontation and eventually reveal the truth.
2011 | 10. Pomeranian Film Workshops | 22'


Agnieszka goes to the hospital. She's in a coma. During one visit her mother discovers Agnieszka's secret. It will change their further relationship.
2010 | 9 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 10'

Józek Goes to Heaven / A Little Metamorphosis

Józek, just before his 18 birthday, starts a new stage of relationship with two important women: his mother and Anka - a girl he met in a pub.
2010 | 8 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 15' | 14'07''

Nothing Happened / Parking, 4 p.m.

A young woman goes on a business meeting in order to get a new customerfor the company she works for. This meeting will change her life, relationship, and perspective on certain things.
2009 | 7 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 13'55''| 13'15''

Do You Love Me? / Engagement

A woman, a man and the in-laws. A dinner at a small table will prove tobe extremely stressful. The difficult confrontation will evaluate characters and emotions.
2009 | 6 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 8'55''| 11'45''

Reverted/ Tequila Sunrise

Three men on a disco. Each of them is looking for something else: a onenight stand, maybe love or just a fight. Add a barman to the story. Asimple movie about men's feelings.
2008 | 5 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 7'15''| 8'55''

Like a Brother / Suspension

Łysy, a former football player, returns to his family after serving aprison sentence. He wants to take up an honest job and support hisyounger brother. But the reality he finds totally changes his plans.
2008 | 4 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 11'20''| 10'15''

Game Over / Fun

A boy decides to get back at his former girlfriend. With the support of best friend he pretends to go missing. This game has serious consequences.
2007 | 3 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 8'15'' | 8'35''

Part(n)er (Ground Floor)

Anna and Andrew have been meeting for several months. It seems thatthey are as different as chalk and cheese. Different age, experience,temperament. What connects them is reserve and the inability of showingone's feelings.
2007 | 2 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 10'55''


The story about the problem of betrayal in a relationship. The filmtouches upon the lack of courage, which occurs in such situations, and shows the harm which the lack of courage brings.
2006 | 1 Pomeranian Film Workshops | 12'00"
  • Two Gdynia Film School Productions in Short Films Competition of the 47th Gdynia Film Festival

  • Two diploma films produced by the Gdynia Film School have been selected for the short film competition of the forthcoming Gdynia Film Festival: “Resurrection” by Luiza Budejko and “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” by Hanna Kilińska. There will be also two films directed by the School’s graduate – Grzegorz Mołda – shown in feature length films’ sections of the festival: “Splinter” in the Main Competition, and the debut film “The Hatcher” in the Microbudget Film Competition.

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