Ab Ovo

Ab Ovo tells the story of life – from birth to death. The film was shot in one of Polish bulterier. Entering this place is strictly forbidden for trespassers. Not many of us know what exactly takes place behind the closed door.
2011 | Documentary film directed by Piotr Janiszewski


Antek's life seems to be pretty simlar to the lives of other kids in the shelter. When a girl with a past, Anka, is admitted to the shelter, everything changes.
2015 | Feature film directed by Sylwia Galon

A Moment

The film entitled "A Moment" is a short documentary film shot with the use of an experimental form based on fast, impressional editing.
2013 | Documentary film directed by Marta Grabicka


Irka and Miłosz are a couple of teenagers who decide to lock themselves up in a hotel room. Their plan is perfect and they are guided by one thought – our love is extraordinary. Twelve hours spent in the room will change their relation forever.
2015 | Feature film directed by Emilia Zielonka

Two Roads

Adam works as a city guard. After working hours he is a rock band leader. He believes that winning the competition will be his great chance for success. Soon it turns out that there are more important things in life.
2012 | Documentary film directed by Piotr Janiszewski

Grandma’s Day

Tomek swindles money using „grandson method”. Things are going well, when suddenly the old lady unsmasks him and locks him up in her apartment. The infirm woman offers the hoodlum a deal.
2015 | Feature film directed by Miłosz Sakowski

Fast Food

Dark comedy. Robert works in a fast food restaurant. After his collegue’s death he becomes melancholic. His life is monotonous and boring. When a new neighbour moves in next door, Robert’s structured world turns upside down.
2015 | Feature film directed by Eryk Lenartowicz

Time to go

Marta works at her father’s automobile repair shop. After her boyfriend is arrested, Marta is faced with a difficult choice: to stay loyal to her father, or to do what it takes to get her boyfriend released. 
2017 | Feature film directed by Grzegorz Molda


Justyna cannot stand the fact that her mother spends her nights at parties. An unexpected fascination with a new neighbour girl pushes her to grow up.
2015 | Feature film directed by Karolina Zaleszczuk


The main character of the film is Mariusz, called Marian by his friends. He used to be a young, energetic man and a talented historian. The idyll ended when he suddenly had to face two diseases.
2013 | Documentary film directed by Piotr Janiszewski


Małgorzata – an important politician – goes to her house by the lake. Her son, who is a drug addict, needs help. Małgorzata asks her daughter for support.
2013 | Feature film directed by Łukasz Ostalski

Between us

A young couple in their 20s are expecting a child but don’t know they will cope. Faced with unexpected pressures and emotions they decide to separate and give the child up for adoption. They do not make this decision easily, with only two months remaining until the baby is due. The situation they find themselves in leads to conversations and experiences, that will have a lasting impact upon the rest of their lives.
2017 | Documentary film directed by Maciej Miller


Ewa takes her daughter to their lake house to prepare for her birthday party. Julka brings along her boyfriend. The mother disapproves of his presence and wants him to leave. However, the hardest battle she will have to fight is the one with herself.
2017 | Feature film directed by Urszula Morga


Walentyna and Julian have been married for many years. They live together, but they are worlds apart. Rarely do they even talk.
2015 | Documentary film directed by Eryk Lenartowicz


One full of adventures day in the lives of Roman and Zbyszek, two men from Tricity who collect scrap metal. They suddenly come across a tempting find.
2014 | Documentary film directed by Adrian Apanel and Miłosz Sakowski


A couple of young Ukrainians, Olena and Dima, is travelling through Poland to Sweden. Unfortunately, their wallet is stolen on the train and during a fight, the thieves throw it on the railway. They have to find it before the ferry leaves.
2013 | Feature film directed by Elżbieta Benkowska


The film tells the story about three generations of women living together in poverty. Every one of them represents a different attitude to life. Agata, the daughter, is trying to fulfill her dream of being an artist, although it is not easy for her to believe in herself.
2013 | Feature film directed by Marta Grabicka


Written and directed by: Edyta RembałaDirector of Photography: Weronika BilskaEdited by: Bartosz StrusewiczSet Decorator: Małgorzata Gliwińska, Juriana JurCostume Designer: Magdalena Gołębiowska,...
2017 | Feature film directed by Edyta Rembała

Real Honey

Krystyna, a 60-year-old pensioner living in the country, sells real honey by the road for a living. One day, the same road becomes a workplace of Russian prostitutes.
2012 | Feature film directed by Sławomir Witek

Seven Men At Different Ages

The film tells the story about seven boxers. Seven scenes present boxers at different career stages - from childhood to late old age.
2013 | Documentary film directed by Sławomir Witek

The Walk

The film tells the story of a unique friendship between two 9-year-olds. The boy is blind. His girlfriend takes him for a walk to the lakeside. During their walk they are not only playing and fighting, but also trying to understand the world.
2011 | Documentary film directed by Filip Jacobson

Rap Brothers

Karol and Robert are brothers living in a blocks of flats district. Robert works as a security guard and Karol is passionate about hip-hop. When Robert gets fired and the landlord threatens to evict them, the boys seek help from a fellow gangster. Soon it turns out it wasn’t a good idea.
2015 | Feature film directed by Adrian Apanel


The story of a young married couple going through a crisis in their marriage.
2012 | Feature film directed by Piotr Brożek


Alicja has everything planned – she is leaving with her boyfriend to Sydney. All she has left to do is say goodbye to her mother. As their departure looms closer, the woman does her best not to let her daughter go.
2014 | Feature film directed by Anna Gnadczyńska

In the Corner

Twenty-year-old Iza has been preparing for an important boxing fight under the watchful eye of her father. Short before the fight the father makes a proposal to her to fix the fight. Iza has to choose between fulfilling her dreams and defending the values she has always believed in.
2015 | Feature film directed by Maciej Bartosz Kruk


Zofia and Kuba are young parents. She's an actress, but most of the time looks after her daughter. The family harmony is disturbed by the fact that Zofia gets a chance to perform with her idol. She sets out to an audition with the child.
2017 | Film fabularny w reż. Katarzyny Iskry


Divorcing Wiktor takes on a corporate challenge of walking naked around the office. He uses the money to take his 9-year-old daughter on her dream trip. However, his 17-year-old stepson, Mikołaj, stands in his way.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Maksymiliana Nowickiego

The Kid

Panicked, the boy leaves his fiancée and the baby. He tries to leave the country, but just before leaving, an eight-year-old smarty shows up in his kitchen. The girl pulls him into an inconspicuous scam ...
2017 | Film fabularny w reż. Pawła Podolskiego

A Day Like Today

Ania is driving her daughter, Basia, to a casting for a talent show. The girl is acting weird, yet the mother doesn’t seem to notice it. When her turn to perform comes, Basia suddenly rushes off from the stage. Ania has to face her own insecurities to notice and understand her daughter’s needs.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Magdy Strzyżyńskiej

I’m Here

An unexpected arrival of Hania's younger brother, forces the 20-year-old girl to face her traumatic past and re-establish contact with her long-lost mother.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Agaty Minowskiej

Summer 43

An intimate story of a friendship between women during the occupation who started saving the world beginning with their own backyard. A story based on real events from the author's grandmother's life.
2019 | Film fabularny

On Strike!

A day in the life of a 19-year-old boy called Karol who looks after his grandfather with Alzheimer's disease. Unexpectedly, Karol learns the family secret related to the dramatic events during the Polish workers' protests in December 1970. The revealed past forces him to make the most important decision in his life to date.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Stanisława Horodeckiego

I (Don’t) Love You

28-year-old Isia has her life together. She works in a pharmacy, has a loving husband and ... a lover. Suddenly everything turns upside down. Isia needs to fix her life, but learns very quickly that love is not that easy ....
2017 | Film fabularny w reż. Piotra Wołodźko

New Bronx

Summer, snapchat, first love. Falling in love means the world to 16-year-old Natalia. She records a video to attract the attention of a boy from the neighborhood. On the way to closeness, however, she encounters adulthood.
2017 | Film fabularny w reż. Filipa Ignatowicza

True Feelings

They are young, beautiful and in love. Just like her parents... once. When they visit them, asking for a little favor, some well-kept family secrets come to light, as well as their true feelings.
2020 | Film fabularny


After a few months of separation, Alicja arrives to her family home to rebuild the relationship with her daughter. However, time did not help the girl to forget about the harm done by her mother.
2017 | Film fabularny w reż. Justyny Pelc


Timid Franek finds a new job. His task is to pretend attractive call girls and fortune tellers. This is the last chance to pay off his rent to a selfish landlord, Bronek and to have a passionate romance with his supervisor Joanna. One day the boy discovers a sad secret of his landlord.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Marka Głuszczaka


When you’re facing a loss it makes you feel as if the world has stopped and got empty. Each of the portrayed family members tries to deal with it in their own way. Teenage Piotrek struggles protecting his younger brother from the damage that the loss has caused in their life. Bereaved, he gradually loses strength to deal with everyday life.
2019 | Film fabularny

Within Me

Sandra and Dawid are going to get married. However, before the marriage, the girl must terminate the pregnancy because of a fetus’s genetic defect. The dramatic event puts their future in jeopardy.
2019 | Film fabularny w reż. Marii Wider


10-year-old Magda loses younger brother. Her father gets immersed in deep despair, while mother is cold and distant. Magda decides to revive Marcel and already knows how to accomplish this goal.
2022 |

Don’t Talk to Me Like That

Tina and Julek are musically talented siblings. They are preparing for giving a concert that is supposed to change their lives as a talent scout from a big record company is coming to listen to them. The atmosphere of excitement and mutual support is suddenly spoiled, when Julek doesn’t come home for a night. Tina, aware of his drug problem, is suspicious and makes him take a drug test. The result is negative which picks a fight between siblings.
2022 |

Jaffa Cakes

Oskar (22) can’t stand the fact that his best mate Speedy decided to leave their hometown. While waiting on a train platform just before Speedy’s departure, they spot a suicider on a railtracks. Oskar decides to take advantage of the situation and to talk Speedy out of leaving.
2022 |


After a foiled evening with her younger lover, 50-year-old Sabina gets into a cab. In a moment, a blue-haired girl – Anka – runs in front of the car asking for help. From then on, Anka pulls Sabina into the vortex of events, which make Sabina see her hitherto life in different light. 
2022 |

House of Sand

A bittersweet documentary comedy. A father and a son build an experimental house on the edge of the world. Turns out it’s a journey which takes them to places they only dreamed of.
2022 |


Entering adult life Janek works with a psychotherapist through a difficult relationship with his father. When it seems that the boy has found a way to reconcile troubled emotions, the father unexpectedly dies of a heart attack. Janek needs to say goodbye, and an opportunity arises in a dissecting room.
2023 |


In the face of a looming trauma a nine-year-old girl brings her family together by holding Christmas Eve in the middle of the summer. Saudade; a happy memory that causes pain, “the love that remains”.
2023 |

Everything for My Friend

Ania is in a quarrel with her best friend, Kasia. When Kasia destroys her graduation paintings, Ania feels guilty and decides to apologize to her friend. But it turns out that the problem is much deeper than just their quarrel. How far can Ania go for their friendship?
2023 |


A scorching holiday in a countryside puts a close relationship of teenage siblings into a test. Charmed by her younger brother Ania, makes an effort to fight for his feelings.
2023 |


Gniewko, a sensitive 27-year-old software developer, gets an invention at work - a robot doppelgänger, which is an improved version of himself. Instead of using it for professional tasks, Gniewko attempts to utilize the robot to get closer to his beloved Lena.
2023 |

The Mandala

Łucja tries to restore her son's health and wash away her guilt for the events of the past. The harder she tries, the thinner the lines between motherhood and violence, reality and nightmare become.
2023 |


A 24-year-old drug dealer spends an intimate evening with Nadia, one of his clients. As the night unfolds, he realizes not only is Nadia a transgender, but she deeply captivates him. Yet, he grapples with his feelings.
2023 |
  • “Resurrection” in the Student Films Competition of the 44th Manaki Brothers FF in Macedonia

  • “Resurrection” by Luiza Budejko will be a part of the Student Films competition of the 44th edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manki Brothers in Bitola, Macedonia. The event takes place between September 23rd – 29th, and in the main competition presents the recent films from Aki Kaurismaki, Wim Wenders, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, or Wes Anderson among others. This year’s winner of the festival’s Special Golden Camera Prize for Outstanding Contribution to World of Cinematic Art is Seamus McGarvey – cinematographer of “Nocturnal Animals” by Tom Ford, “World Trade Center” by Oliver Stone, and “The Hours” by Stephen Daldry, among others.

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