Paweł Huelle

Paweł Huelle

Writer and author of a poetry volume.He worked as a journalist in the Press Information Office of ‘Solidarity’. University lecturer, editor, director of the Gdańsk’s Department of Polish Television , more recently – columnist.

Graduated from the Faculty of Polish Philology in Gdańsk.The author of articles in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. His books, including her debut novel, ‘Weiser Dawidek’, have been translated into many languages.


2008: Opowieści chłodnego morza: Znak, 2008
2007: Ostatnia wieczerza, Cracow: Znak, 2007
2004: Castorp, Gdańsk: Słowo/obraz terytoria, 2004
2001: Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala, Cracow: Znak, 2001
1996: Pierwsza miłość i inne opowiadania, London-Warsaw: PULS, 1996
1994: Wiersze, Gdansk: Wydawnictwo Morskie, 1994
1991: Opowiadania na czas przeprowadzki, London-Warsaw: PULS, 1991
1987: Weiser Dawidek, Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Morskie, 1987 (revised second edition, London-Warsaw: PULS, 1992)

Selected translations

1995: Finnish: Kuka ole, Weiser Dawidek, Otava: Keuruu, 1995
1990: French: Weiser Dawidek, Lausanne: LAge dHomme, 1990
1990: Spanish: Donde esta Weiser Dawidek, Barcelona: Barral, 1990
1992: German: Weiser Dawidek, Hamburg, Zuerich: Luchterhand,
1992: Schnecken, Pfutzen, Regen und Andere Geschichten aus Gdansk [Opowiadania na czas przeprowadzki], Hamburg, Zuerich: Luchterhand, 1992

Translations to other languages: English, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Italian and others.

  • Two Gdynia Film School Productions in Short Films Competition of the 47th Gdynia Film Festival

  • Two diploma films produced by the Gdynia Film School have been selected for the short film competition of the forthcoming Gdynia Film Festival: “Resurrection” by Luiza Budejko and “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” by Hanna Kilińska. There will be also two films directed by the School’s graduate – Grzegorz Mołda – shown in feature length films’ sections of the festival: “Splinter” in the Main Competition, and the debut film “The Hatcher” in the Microbudget Film Competition.

  • Two Gdynia Film School’s Films To Be Shown in Busan

  • Luiza Budejko’s “Resurrection” and Hanna Kilinska’s “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” will be soon presented in the program of the 6th Busan Inter-City Film Festival to take place between September 2-4, 2022. Both the films are diploma productions, made at the Gdynia Film School.

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