Antek's life seems to be pretty simlar to the lives of other kids in the shelter. When a girl with a past, Anka, is admitted to the shelter, everything changes.
2015 | Feature film directed by Sylwia Galon

Directed by
Sylwia Galon

Written by
Sylwia Galon
Director of
photography Wojciech Ostrowski
Music by
Cool Kids of Death, Haju, Damian Koszewski
Joanna Więckowska
design by Sylwia Galon
design by Julia Kul
Katarzyna Skrzyniarz
Sound Piotr

Cast Staszek
Cywka, Natalia Łągiewczyk, Dorota Androsz,Michał Jaros, Maciej Konopiński, Anna

Production manager Joanna Pultyn

Leszek Kopeć, Jerzy Rados, Gdynia Film School

Produced by:
Gdynia Film School


20 min

  • Two Gdynia Film School Productions in Short Films Competition of the 47th Gdynia Film Festival

  • Two diploma films produced by the Gdynia Film School have been selected for the short film competition of the forthcoming Gdynia Film Festival: “Resurrection” by Luiza Budejko and “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” by Hanna Kilińska. There will be also two films directed by the School’s graduate – Grzegorz Mołda – shown in feature length films’ sections of the festival: “Splinter” in the Main Competition, and the debut film “The Hatcher” in the Microbudget Film Competition.

  • Two Gdynia Film School’s Films To Be Shown in Busan

  • Luiza Budejko’s “Resurrection” and Hanna Kilinska’s “Don’t Talk To Me Like That” will be soon presented in the program of the 6th Busan Inter-City Film Festival to take place between September 2-4, 2022. Both the films are diploma productions, made at the Gdynia Film School.

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