Sławomir Fabicki

Sławomir Fabicki

Director, screenwriter. Member of the European Film Academy.Winner of many awards on Polish and international festivals. Nominated to Students’ Oscar for ‘A Man Thing’ in the category of foreign film in 2001.

In 1995 he graduated from Screenplay Studies on Film School in Łódź and in 2002 from the Faculty of Direction on Film School in Łódź.


2009: Hanoi-Warszawa (direction advisory)
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval) (director, screenplay)
2002: Antychryst (co-director)
2001: Lista (co-director)
2001: Męska rzecz (A Man Thing) (director, screenplay)
1999: Kaśka, bimber i motocykl (director, screenplay)
1999: Bratobójstwo (director, screenplay)
1998: Po drugiej stronie lasu (director)
1997: Wewnętrzny 55 (director, screenplay)
1996: Nocą (director, screenplay)
1994: Ich styl (screenplay)

Film awards

2007: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Zlinea (International Children and Youth Film Festival) ‘The Europa Award’ for the best feature length European debut
2007: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Triest (International Film Festival) special Mentioning by the Jury
2007: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Salerno (International Film Festival Shadowline) Main Prize
2007: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Pecs (International Film Festival Moveast) Main Prize Golden Benjamin
2007: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Cieszyn (‘Wakacyjne kadry’ Film Festival) Złota Podkowa for the best debut in feature film competition
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Warsaw (Warsaw Film Festival) Jury Special Prize in the ‘New Films, New Directors’ competition
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Warsaw (Warsaw Film Festival) Cinemax Award for best screenplay
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Thessaloniki (International Film Festival) best director
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval), European Film Award (previously: Felix) nomination for Best European Discovery
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval), Bratislava (International Film Festival) People’s Choice Award Zlatý Bažant
2006: Z odzysku (Retrieval) Bratislava (International Film Festival) FIPRESCI Award

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